Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 in Toyota Hilux Revo
Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 in Toyota Hilux Revo

An oil sampling has been carried out on a Toyota Hilux Revo to investigate car owner’s feedback on engine performance drop and increased fuel consumption due to engine oil degradation after using Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 for more than 8,000km. Previous oil analysis of same oil showed convincing results on oil quality and performance which our team are motivated to determine the possible causes of engine performance drop.

Product Testing: Extended Drain Interval with Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4


Figure 1: Hilux Revo engine bay.
After some Q&A sessions with the car owner on maintenance history of the car, we have been told the engine oil filter has been used for over 10,000km as the oil change is performed without changing engine oil filter. Previous engine oil used in the engine is a fully synthetic oil from world renowned pioneer in manufacturing synthetic and semi-synthetic lubricants. Owner decided to try Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 even though the fully synthetic engine oil is used for just about 2,000km. Oil analysis is recommended to determine the current oil condition whether it is the root cause for engine performance drop. New oil was sampled to establish baseline reference to be compared with the used oil and sent to the lab along with the used oil sample.
Figure 2: Oil sample extraction.

Figure 3: Oil analysis result.

Result showed the engine oil is still in very good condition with minimal wear metal and depletion on additives and TBN dropped from 10 mgKOH/g to 9.04 mgKOH/g (9.6% drop compare to new oil, 16% drop from total usable oil life) after the oil is used more than 8,000km. No oxidation occurred as the reading of used oil is identical as the baseline reference. Based on the oil test result, the engine oil can be used for extended period of time before needed to be changed, making it an ideal choice for extended interval application on cars, trucks, machinery, etc. With everything else normal, engine oil filter change should rectify the issue. Owner also feedback that performance of Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 is similar with the fully synthetic oil used last time. Comparing the cost of lubricant between two products, owner is able to achieve saving of more than 80% on lubricant cost with Gazpromneft Diesel Premium 15W-40 CI-4 by having similar performance and oil change interval of 10,000km. Lubricant cost saving will be more significant should the oil change interval is extended to 15,000km or more (the oil can last up to 50,000km, estimated from the rate of drop of the TBN).

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Published : 3-Sep-2019

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