Test review of G-Energy F-Synth 5W-40 on Toyota Innova 2.0L
Test review of G-Energy F-Synth 5W-40 on Toyota Innova 2.0L

We have received some enquiries from our like-minded customers and friends who are in quest of extending their oil change interval. They wanted to know how can G-Energy F-Synth 5W-40 fully synthetic engine oil helps them to achieve more lubricant cost saving while ensuring good engine protection. Hence, a test was conducted to find out how the oil will perform after testing.

Toyota Innova with a 2.0L petrol engine which has odometer reading of over 150,000km was used for this test. The vehicle has been driven under combined urban driving and highway driving while carry excess load of 300kg in average on 80% of the time during test period. Engine oil filter was changed around 10,000km mark within the test period. Test ended after 17,000km of driving and engine oil was extracted and bottled for oil analysis to find out the wear protection of the engine oil can deliver and whether the oil is able to go on.

The oil analysis result shown above revealed some promising indication of the engine oil quality.
  1. Minimal wear and tear on critical engine components (only 6ppm of iron while none found for other wear metals).
  2. Very stable oil viscosity (2.1% change from new oil viscosity of 14.5 cSt).
  3. High retention rate of engine oil additives (Detergent and Anti-Wear additives).
  4. The engine oil is still good to use as advised by oil analyst. Further sampling and analysis are required to pinpoint the crossover point between TBN and TAN numbers.
These findings indicated the engine oil have the capabilities to protect the engine even after it was been ran up to 17000km. While in lubricant cost saving perspective, you may refer to the table below:

Brand Brand S
Fully Synthetic
Brand G
Fully Synthetic
Price in RM 180 250
Oil change interval (km) 10000 15000
RM/km 0.018 0.0167
RM/10000km 180 167
Cost breakeven mileage (km) --- 13888
Let’s consider this scenario…oil change around 10,000km is what most people recommended which is considered a very safe option. So now we going to compare the two fully synthetic lubricants where upfront cost in consumer point of view is RM180 and RM250 for Brand S and Brand G respectively. Without any knowledge/oil test result on engine oil, most consumers will go for the cheapest oil as they would think it they are pretty much the same (engine oil is engine oil and they do the same job). But as you learn more about the product, its performance, application, and other benefit, you are allowing yourself to explore better options, options that are more suitable to you and more comfortable with. If you want to enjoy more value for money, Brand G is the more value for money option in this scenario. When you know that Brand G is proven can be used until 15000km without worry, you are actually paying less money/km on lubricant and you will achieve the same value when you use the oil up to 13888km.

  1. Use good quality engine oil filter and change it according to normal interval, or invest a little bit more on extended drain oil filter to suit your intended oil change interval.

  2. Clogged engine oil filter and air filter rob engine power as you will feel engine runs ‘heavy’. Most people even some experienced mechanics will cast their doubt on the engine oil without check the condition of the filter. If your car feels more powerful but you found some debris in your oil when you rub it with your fingers, you may have a clogged engine oil filter and thankfully the bypass valve works! If it doesn’t, expensive engine repair awaits.

G-Energy F-Synth fully synthetic engine oil is a good option if you wish to give better protection to your engine and its proven oil quality also allow consumer to reduce periodic maintenance cost over the long run while improve engine performance. Hence making it an ideal product to be used in high performance engines.

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Published : 13-Jan-2020

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